Friday, September 25, 2015

I LOVE Lipstick!

Hi, I’m Kasten and first welcome to Sophisticated Rebels.   Let me get this out of the way now…
I love lipstick.  I do.  I’ve been a fanatical collector since I can remember.  Back then I was windsurfing for a living, the sun, wind and waves would reek havoc on my skin, especially my lips.   I looked for products that could heal my lips instead of turning them into prunes but I could only afford cheap brands sold in drugstores, and so the hunt continued.   On my birthday my friend gave me a Tom Ford lipstick and I cherished that square monster.  I call it that because it wouldn’t fit into any clutch I owned but the lipstick inside – OMG – it was worth all the hassle lugging it around.  When it ran out, I wanted another one – my lips wanted one even worse – and that’s when I found out it was a whopping fifty two bucks!  For lipstick??  That’s when I started researching how lipstick is made because I figured if I couldn’t afford the best, maybe I could gather the right ingredients and whip up some for myself.  I mean I’m pretty good in the kitchen when I actually cook.  I found out two things really quick – it’s not as easy as making walnut brownies but it’s also not as expensive as I imagined.  Sure, the ingredients in a Tom Ford or a Dior are some the highest quality on the planet but even still, they only account for a small fraction of that heart stopping price.  What I’d really be paying for if I wanted more of that  To-Die-Forlipstick, is the NAME of course – but also that damn inconvenient square monster with the pretty gold foil.  So I started creating my own top tier formulas and yet I still had this nagging question that became an obsession –  How can a girl have the very best lipstick without paying for awesome packaging that ends up in a landfill anyway?  
You know how they say if you visualize something long enough things will align to make them happen?
I met Frank, my future partner, at a convention for Entrepreneurs.  He had this crazy concept of a Swiss Army Knife for women and had no idea then how tough that would be to pull off.  His only real experience with makeup was carrying around his wife’s products in his pockets because she didn’t want to carry a bag when they were out. Then he showed me some of the art he had done on what the “blades” might look like and it hit me like a BRICK – like when peanut butter smashed into chocolate and Buttercup’s were born!  This was the answer I was looking for – the perfect applicator for my dreampremium lipstick. We partnered up and formed Sophisticated Rebel and our history is still being written.  Log onto our and see what we’ve come up with!
My take from all this is to never quit on a goal, a vision or a grand concept even when you don’t possess all the skills to make it happen.  If you align yourself for success, you’ll be keenly aware when opportunity walks right into your life.
Thanks for listening!

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